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 Hail. The least used weather and the least helpfull weather.

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Hail. The least used weather and the least helpfull weather. Empty
PostSubject: Hail. The least used weather and the least helpfull weather.   Hail. The least used weather and the least helpfull weather. Icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 7:56 pm

Very few people would even consider making a hail team and even fewer would actually make one. Hail is the LEAST helpfull weather out there in the pokemon game.It isnt bad but it doesnt really help you out too much. Hail damages all pokemon exept ice type pokemon, pokemon with ice body(heals hp in hail),snow cloak(raises evasiveness in hail) or magic guard(the pokemon wont take damage exept from attacks) abilities. Hail also makes blizzards accuracy 100% and can make it break through protect/detect 30% of the time. Hail is mainly used in the UU tier where the other weathers are not used often. You can try to use a hail team in OU but it will be quickly outclassed by the other weather teams

The only way to get hail on the field is to either use abomasnow/snover with snow warning or by using hail.Besides Abomasnow/snover you should use a pokemon that knows hail and is holding the icy rock. You should also use a pokemon with magic Guard that can take care of fighting types. The best one and probably the only one that should be used on a hail team is reuniclus. putting a water type on the team will also help alot so they can take care of fire types. Fighting types are also helpful on a hail team asx they can get rid of your opponents steel,rock and ice types.

The best counter to hail is other weather. Sun and sandstorm are the best as both of those help a type that can easily beat an ice type. Rain is also a very efective counter as water types resist ice well and can deal good damage to them. The cloudnine ability is also a great counter as it negates the effect of hail.
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Hail. The least used weather and the least helpfull weather.
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