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 Fun in the sun

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PostSubject: Fun in the sun   Fun in the sun Icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 7:14 pm

This post will help you design a sun team and also how to counter one if you run into it. When the sun is strong the power of fire type moves is boosted by 1.5 times its normal power and weakens the power of water moves by half making sun a fire types best friend. But the bennefits of sun do not stop there. Sun allows pokemon to use solarbeam without waiting one turn. It also activates the clorophyll( doubles your speed in sunshine), solar power(raises your special attack by 1.5 times its normal amount but damages the pokemon each turn)and the flower gift(Ally’s special attack and Special Defence are multiplied by 1.5) abilities. The only way to make it sunny are through the drought ability or through the move sunny day. The only pokemon who get drought are groudon, ninetails and vulpix so make sure to use one of these pokemon in your sun team.Use Groudon if your in ubers and ninetails if your in ou. If you want to make a uu team you cant use drought since it was banned from the uu tier and will have to rely on the sunny day move. the sunny day move makes it sunny for 5 turns unless the pokemon who uses sunny day has the heat rock witch makes it last for 8 turns instead.

The pokemon who benefit from sun the most are fire types and grass types. Ground and rock also benefit from the decrease in the power of water moves.

Most sun teams out there are in the Ubers and OU tier because of agroudon and ninetails which is why every sun team has one of these. besides one of these two You should put a grass type with chlorophyll on the team to deal with water, ground and rock types that will easily beat fire types. You should also include a pokemon that can knock out or resist your opponents fire types so ground rock or dragon all work well although i suggest putting a dragon on the team along with a groundor rock type. the other two pokemon can be whatever can benefit from sun at all.

When making any type of team make sure to keep weather in mind since weather is becoming increasingly more popular with people.

The main way of countering a suyn team is with a different weather type. Rain is the best counter to a sun team as it can weaken fire type moves while strengthening water type moves. sand storm also is effective although not as effective as rain.v Hail is not effective at all since only ice types and wonderguard pokemon arent hurt by it and fire destroys ice types. another effective counter is air lock/cloud nine, both of witch negates weather effects.

That is how you make a sun team and counter it. If you have any more ideas that can either help or hinder a sun team leave a reply with your counter/helper.
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Fun in the sun
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