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 How to apply to be a Gym leader.

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How to apply to be a Gym leader. Empty
PostSubject: How to apply to be a Gym leader.   How to apply to be a Gym leader. Icon_minitimeTue Feb 22, 2011 7:26 pm

Theres a couple of things you need to have completed to become a Gym Leader.

1. Must have your REGULAR team registered(the one you use to battle Gyms) by clicking here if you become a Gym leader this is NOT your gym team. This is the team you will use if you decide to battle other Gyms while still being a gym leader

2. Filled out the Gym Application by
sending me a copy with your answers of the application below.

3. Don't apply for a Gym that is already taken

Thats it.

These are the rules for Gym leader
1. Must follow the format shown below

2. If you change your team you must update your Gym topic with it.

3. Gym leaders can have 1 uber only if there challenger also has one. If they dont. Then the Gym leader must sub out that uber.

4. Gym leaders must have FOUR pokemon within their Gym type(ex. The grass gym leader must have four grass type pokemon on their gym team) then you can have 2 off-types which can be whatever type you want and your one uber which can be used if your challenger also has one. The uber must be your Gym Type.

Now if and ONLY when you become a Gym leader you must post your Gym Topic here this will be where members challenge your Gym for your badge(which you can supply an image if you want) it must follow the following format in some way, you can also add anything extra as you wish.BTW you can change your Gym team whenever but must edit your Gym Topic

Gym Topic Format

Gym intro:

Gym team:


How many times members can challenge your Gym per week:

Clauses used in your Gym: (Look them up if you dont know them)

(optional)Members who have won your badge:

(optional)Members who have lost in your Gym

Then after that its up to to the Gym leader on what else he wants to add


#1-What gym would you like to be?

#2-What do you know about Evs and Ivs?

#3-How much do you know about Pokemon?

#4-Do you think your active enough on the website to be a Gym leader

#5-Have you ever been a Gym Leader on any other Forum/website? If so what type were you.

#6-Do you have any other skills, like Youtube battles, Design in art/website/ect

Thats all, if there more questions that arise, they will be asked. Copy and paste those questions with your answer and Pm them to an admin.

How to apply to be a Gym leader. Untitled
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How to apply to be a Gym leader.
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